• Owais A Khan


Owais is person with varied interests. He spends most of his time researching about the evolution of technology and where it stands today. At The Country Caller, Owais is a Senior Editor with numerous work hours dedicated to the improvement and training of our new authors and polishing of existing ones. 



Having spent the last 20 years inside games, he felt that this was the best possible chance of having a happy, functional working life. Saif is an avid Bethesda fanatic who has spent an irrecoverable amount of time in their pre-historic, post-apocalyptic environments that has left more than an average lasting impression. Currently knee deep in Elder Scrolls Online, Saif writes best in the gaming sector.


Jawwad has been a gamer since childhood. Now, he scours the internet looking for latest news while satisfying his inner geek in the process. You can catch him firing bullets in Battlefield 4 when he is not busy putting his thoughts into words. 


 Ramsha Amir is one enthusiastic writer at The Country Caller. After proper market research, she translates her views into words related to the current market situation and ample years of experience in this field is what makes her stand out.


Serving us as an Analyst, Baneen is a passionate person having varied interests ranging from swimming to writing to tech to music. It is her experiences and skill set that makes her multitask as a fin-tech analyst as well as a trainer for new authors on board. She pays attention to detail, and is keen on consistently improving the quality of articles at TheCountryCaller.


Nabeel is the go-to person if you need an advice on day trades. his expertise in technical analysis helps him to predict accurate stock price movements in majority of the instances. besides playing with numbers, Nabeel likes research on the emerging trends in the e-commerce sector.


A high school kickboxing enthusiast, with a keen insight of the stock market, Ken's discipline and dedication make him immune to inefficiency. Guided by the urge to compete, Ken Bock is an outstanding Finance Writer who always delivers par expectation.


Learning and gaining knowledge can be a hobby. Don't believe it? Ask Patrick! He hopes to be a famous inventor someday, with an invention that will bring about a revolution in the world of technology. With a goal like that, even gravity can't hold you down. Mr. Arruda writes about the latest in gadgets and electronics in our technology sector.


Myrna Salomon is a fun loving, happy-go-lucky kinda girl who just loves the entertainment world. Hence, it only made sense that we asked her to be an author for our website.


Shy but extremely funny, Angela, is a part time stand-up comic who absolutely loves her work. She is a major tech wiz who throws a little humor in her articles for the readers who care for a good chuckle.


Eunice (pronounced Yuw-Niys) is the go-to person if you need a tip in trading. Not only does she have 'numbers' on her fingertips, but her predictability skills are unmatched. Besides being a Finance Writer, she is an animation extraordinaire.