Steadily Evolving Range Of Online Gaming Options

Published By: Patrick Arruda on February 19, 2017 01:20 pm EST

The popularity of online casinos, bookmakers and bingo operators isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. In fact, since the turn of the millennium, operators have successfully been looking for ways to engage players with a steadily evolving range of online gaming options. However, it’s only in the past decade that we’ve seen remarkable industry growth on a consistent basis, year after year.


A quick glance at the stats tells us that the total value of the iGaming market has just about doubled from 2007 ($24.7 billion) to 2017 ($50.6 billion). Experts forecast that 2018 will see further growth of around $6 billion, the largest annual increase of the past decade. That said, you don’t need to delve too deeply into the figures to realise just how much the industry is thriving these days.


Every week there seems to be a new commercial or online advert showcasing how a poker room or bookmaker has developed their offering in some way. For both new and established iGaming businesses alike, the need to diversify their services and maintain a competitive edge has never been greater.


We know that competition leads to innovation, which makes iGaming a genuine hotbed of new ideas and new technologies. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the key trends that seem to be fuelling the iGaming revolution - and are eventually bound to expand to other industries in some shape or form.


Dedicated Review Sites


" screenshot" (CC BY 2.0) by JohnSeb


As more and more operators have entered the market in recent years, we've also seen more and more review sites like online casino games that offer comparisons between a wide range of iGaming providers, on factors such as mobile access, customer service and promotions. The standard of quality has never been higher, and this is a certain catalyst for further innovation.


There are also plenty of review sites popping up that are dedicated to one particular type of game – like slot machines, for instance, which take up a big portion of the online market, allowing for different titles with varying mechanics and often mini-games. To navigate the hundreds, even thousands, of slots on offer, slots enthusiasts tend to flock to review sites to find one which ones have more paylines and bonuses. For instance, as the name suggests, this site offers a wealth of slot games reviews, tutorials and even beginner’s guides for those just taking their first steps into the world of online slots.


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Responsive Mobile Apps

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For the past few years, it has become increasingly obvious that mobile apps are playing a bigger role in how we consume digital media, access information and play games – and nowhere is this more apparent than in the iGaming industry.


The fact is that smartphones and tablets are now household items rather than luxuries, and so responsive mobile apps that are quick and easy to use are an essential investment for any online casino or bookmaker. Not only that, a high quality mobile app is often the very thing that sways a player from using one particular site over another.


Quick And Secure Payments

"Pay with Bitcoin" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Lars Plougmann

Most reputable online casinos and bookmakers now make a point of maintaining safe and secure payment systems that allow players to transfer funds within seconds, no matter where in the world they happen to be.

For both operators and players, the sheer variety of payment methods available is broader than ever. That’s why plenty of iGaming sites now offer the player a choice between standard credit card payments or bespoke systems such as Paypal that run an extra layer of security measures and may allow players to deposit and withdraw money quicker than card transactions.