Pokemon GO: Nearby Tracker Test Coming To An End?

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Upsight platform lifted from the game’s files

The data miners at PokemonGoHub have found something pretty interesting on Pokemon GO’s newly-updated files. Data mining has revealed that Upsight, a mobile marketing and user behavior tracking system, has been removed from the game after its 0.37.1/1.7.1 update. This could mean a number of things but the one that seems to be most exciting is related to the “Nearby” tracking system.

For those of you who are unaware of what Upsight is, let us help you out. Upsight is one of the most common tools accessible to developers which helps them track user interactions with certain actions or features, etc. For instance, if you were to test a brand new feature with only a handful of users, Upsight would be used to track and see, how the new feature is being treated.

As a result, when we talk about a feature which is only available to a few selected users, there is only one feature that comes to our minds, the “Nearby” tracker as it is currently only being used by players in San Francisco.

So, now that Upsight has been removed, does this mean the testing phase for this new tracker is over? If this is what is happening, that means the new tracking feature might be releasing for everyone. Hopefully, this is the case and we are introduced to this new feature in the game’s next update. For more details regarding Upsight and the “Nearby” tracker, check out PokemonGoHub’s official post here.

In related news, Pokemon GO Plus is finally available and can be purchased through Amazon, GameStop and Nintendo’s official website for a price of $34.99. However, due to the device’s massive demand, it is currently out of stock but players who pre-order the device will get it as soon as the next stock arrives which in late October. For more details, check out the link here.

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