The Division: New Glitch Permanently Locks You out of Your Account

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It’s not uncommon for a massive game like the Division to have its fair share of bugs and glitches. That being said, players have so far only reported minor ones. Hence, this makes it the first major game-breaking bug that players should essentially be aware of. 

According to reports from Reddit, a new bug has been discovered which kicks you out of the game and if you try to log back in, you will be stuck at the connection screen. The post describes how the bug is activated. It includes crafting a high-end backpack blueprint from the crafting station and then crafting another piece of armor. The player who encountered the bug detailed that he joined his friends in the Dark Zone after equipping both pieces of gear after which all of his gear and inventory items were lost.

At this point, the player thought it was a regular glitch and tried logging out and logging back in, only to find that he cannot go past the connection screen, essentially locking him out of the game until a fix has been released. There have been reports of the issue over at the official Ubisoft forums for the game as well and there are many people who have been locked out of the game due to this bug.

Following the initial post, there have been reports that the issue is in the high-end backpack and the server side save file for your account ends up corrupted if your backpack items go over the regular limit which is increased by equipping the high-end backpack.

This is a very severe problem and many users out there have unknowingly stepped into the bug and now they are unable to play the game. There is an update releasing for the game next week and we hope that the problem is going to be fixed by then so that affected players can continue with their gameplay. For now, there is no real way to get around the problem and the bad news is that until it has been fixed, there is no way to play the Division. Do let us know if you have been affected by the bug in the comments below.

The Division is now available for Sony Corp.’s (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation 4, Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One and Windows PC.

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