Live Audio allows brands and public figures to interact with their audience without having to worry about what people see

Published By: Ken Bock on December 22, 2016 12:16 pm EST

This week, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) announced the addition of Live Audio to its social media platform. Brands, public figures, and people can now interact live with their audience without having to worry about what people see.

The social media mammoth toned down its live video streaming feature with the announcement of Live Audio. The effort is speculated by some as a low-tech initiative for a company, who is renowned to push boundaries in the technological ecosystem.

All thanks to the available description of Live Audio, the feature sounds like a healthy fusion of traditional radio and podcasts. Keeping in mind that many younger audiences have now strayed far away from the traditional mode of entertainment radio, going for streaming services rather, the company’s take will revamp the radio-type functionality overall. The media-focused blog further explained: “sometimes publishers want to tell a story on Facebook with words and not video.” This speaks volumes about the company’s take to cater audio services on its platform.

A number of brands have long been utilizing Facebook Live to promote their products or events, while connecting to audience all across the globe. This makes us wonder whether the newly-released feature will be able to gain audience as to the likes of the live video option. However, there is no denying that imagery draws more audience nowadays.

The social media giant has just started to test the Live Audio feature. Therefore, at the moment, only selected partners are able to deliver their contents. As reported, HarperCollins, BBC, and a few well-known authors have signed up to try out the new feature.

Well, it’s quite early to conclude how well the new feature will fare amongst masses, we’ll have to wait and see about its adaption rate.