Destiny Weekly Reset for November 8: Nightfall Strike, Prison of Elder Changes

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Tuesday is Destiny’s weekly reset day, and that hasn’t changed this week

Bungie’s Destiny has initiated its weekly server reset today, as it does traditionally on Tuesdays. Users will have more chances this week to earn loot and play through a new set of challenges and bosses until the next reset.

Starting with the Nightfall strike, which is Blighted Chalice for this week. Modifiers are Berserk, Small Arms, Fresh Troops, and Match Game. Berserk prevents your enemies from flinching even if you deal them severe damage, while Small Arms is your key to inflict more damage via primary weapons equipped by the player. Fresh Troops increases the number of enemies sometimes in enemy squads, and Match Game requires the player to use the exact elemental weapons to shatter enemy shields.

The modifiers for the Heroic Playlist for this week are Solar Burn, Specialist, and Juggler, all of which should really make it more interesting when you take on the enemies and try and complete the playlist for the week. As for Challenge of Elders, Wretched Knight from Hive in Round 1, Keksis the Betrayed from Fallen in Round 2, and Overmind Minotaur from Vex in Round 3 are the bosses for the week. Finally, Freelance 6v6 and Mayhem Rumble are the two Crucible playlist options for the coming week starting today.

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