Snapchat seems to be growing its Ad business by testing new features

Published By: Ken Bock on January 11, 2017 10:13 am EST

Snap Inc. is the one this time to copy Facebook by testing two new advertisement features and grow its ad business. Snap Ads will be seen between Discover and Live stories, which will be easy for advertisers when it comes to targeting as audience and direct sales. Users should get ready to see Snapchat become more like Facebook when it comes to ads.

The directors of product marketing at Facebook, Maz Sharafi said, “The tip feedback and most common type of feedback that we hear is, ‘Hey, can you help me drive sales beyond people visiting my website and app, including new customers?’. What we can now do is say, ‘Who else is potentially in-market for these products?’”

The Snapchat ads now will allow adversities to easily direct users out of the application to their own apps if the user chooses to download them on their device. Snapchat has done this in the past with Uber, now advertisers will be able to pay for this service. Now businesses can buy Snap Ads and where they want to place it, later the users will see a ten second video.

Instagram will soon do the same as Snapchat since it has managed to become a lot like the service, and ads in stories will be seen. This might be healthy for Snapchat’s ad revenue, but will users appreciate extra advertisement is one thing that the company should consider. No users want to see unwanted ads when they are concentrated on a specific story and are interrupted by an ad. Snapchat will have to be careful not to add to many ads in one story.

Facebook has copied Snapchat in many department, this Facebook is more successful in terms of advertisement which where Snapchat is now planning to grow. Snap Inc. has not yet revealed which advertisers will participate in these tests once this tool is available.