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A Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Model S With A Battery 80% Lighter

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Blake Fuller has developed a lighter battery pack for the Pikes Peaks race in his Tesla Motors Model S

Blake Fuller, founder and one time CEO at Braille Battery and founder of Go Puck, a startup which makes wearable batteries, has created a racing mod for his Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model S’ battery. The entrepreneur will be taking part in the 100th edition of Pikes Peak’s hill climb competition with his vehicle in the Electric Production class.

For Fuller, the recipe for a 13 minute record in the Electric Production class of the Pikes Peak race meant dipping into his background in creating batteries to make one which was just 20% the weight of the standard factory model in his Tesla Model S. Braille Battery specializes in creating ultra-light lithium ion batteries with high performance and supplies to many racing series such as the well-known NASCAR. Fuller’s battery for the Model S, while lighter, understandably trades off capacity but is custom built for races like the one he is taking part in. The battery will have not only be capable of helping his Model S in the hill climbing competition but will also allow the car the power to outperform and beat the 13 minute record; if, Fuller is to succeed in his venture. Considering the 80% weight cut, the battery is probably around 960 lbs. but the exact weight is unknown since the Model S ships with battery packs ranging in weight from 4600-4900 lbs. This significant weight cut will help the car in the climb but the question to whether it will have enough power is still to be tested at Pikes Peak.

The Model S is only the second Tesla vehicle to compete in the race. An older model, the Tesla Roadster, was used in the competition in 2014.

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