Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa is being perfected to the core by the company as it aims to establish it as the best medium for controlling users’ smart-homes in 2017

Published By: Eunice Gettys on January 6, 2017 08:00 am EST

At this year’s CES event,, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) Alexa has evidently proven to be one of the most popular choices for virtual assistants. After the retail giant’s debut of its Echo smart-speaker in 2014, Alexa’s emergence in markets has left tech companies like Apple and Google in quite a fix. This is mainly due to Alexa’s perfected artificial intelligence as well as its ability to maintain and manage the perfect smart-home.

Since the Consumer Electronic Show is pretty much the main hub of trending technologies, we believe Alexa’s popularity will only continue to grow following its marketing. Considering that the Echo and its virtual assistant have helped Amazon diversify its offerings and rapidly ramp up sales, it is no surprise that the retail giant classifies both these platforms as one of the company’s most prime “pillars.”

Following the Echo’s roll out, Amazon’s decision to constantly ramp up its offered “skills” has proven to be a wise one. Now that it has almost 7,000 skills, owners of Alexa-powered devices can simply use verbal commands to control their smart-home appliances. From ordering an Uber to getting medical feedback, Alexa helps users perform a range of diverse tasks. This move has helped Amazon set the bar quite high for rival platforms like Google Home. Since Alexa also has the ability to work with third-party services, we believe that the retail giant’s determination to outshine its rivals cannot be matched yet.

Subsequently, since the company seems to be on a roll with its skills, recently bringing Prime subscribers the option of using Alexa to place orders for home deliveries at their favorite restaurants, the company evidently aims to go above and beyond to perfect its platform and enable integration with other platforms as well. This will help create a unified Amazon experience and help bag more users.

However, since Apple and Google are becoming increasingly active in developing their own digital assistants and smart-speakers, the rising culture of smart homes is quite evident. This is putting more pressure on Amazon to stay consistent in competitive markets.