The Country Caller takes a look at SYNNEX and Limoneira’s Q4 earnings whispers ahead of their respective earnings release on January 10

Published By: Eunice Gettys on January 10, 2017 11:20 am EST

SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE:SNX) and Limoneira Company (NASDAQ:LMNR) will publish their financial results for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2016 (4QFY16) during after-hours on January 10. Both companies have done exceptionally well in exceeding analysts’ forecasts in the previous quarters. Predicted earnings figures suggest that SNX will once again outperform Wall Street expectations on both top and bottom lines.

SYNNEX Corporation

For the fourth quarter, Wall Street analysts anticipate SYNNEX to report earnings per share (EPS) of $2.09, which represents an increase of 16.11% year-over-year (YoY). expects the California-based company to exceed SNX’s 4Q EPS outlook of $2.06-2.11 with its bottom-line prediction of $2.12.

Furthermore, analysts expect SYNNEX’s 4Q revenue to clock in at $3.89 billion. predicts the company to exceed analysts’ top-line expectations with its net sales forecast of $3.9 billion. Additionally, SNX’s revenue guidance stands at $3.83-3.93 billion.

Limoneira Company

Analysts predict Limoneira to report a loss per share (LPS) of six cents, higher than last year’s 4Q LPS of four cents. expects the company to post LPS of seven cents.

Additionally, the consensus revenue estimate stands at $15.4 million, which would represent an increase of about 8.45% YoY. anticipates the company to underperform Wall Street’s top-line expectations with its net sales figure of $15.34 million.