A Tesla Model X owner is now demanding that the NHTSA recall the Model X, after filing the lawsuit and starting a campaign against the company

Published By: Eunice Gettys on January 11, 2017 11:12 am EST

Last week, The Country Caller reported that Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) is facing a lawsuit over an autonomous acceleration of the Model X and its owner, a South Korean celebrity, is seeking a class-action status. While clearing that the all-electric SUV cannot be blamed, the company revealed that Ji Chang Son threatened to hurt Tesla using his celebrity status if it does not accept his financial terms.

After filing the lawsuit and launching a media campaign to discredit the automaker, Electrek (via The Investor) reported that Mr. Son demands that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recall the Model X. Mr. Son and his lawyer Richard McCune from McCune Wright Arevalo LLP compared the station with the 1.6 billion settlement by Toyota over sudden acceleration of its vehicles. Mr. McCune, whose firm initially filed a class action suit against Toyota in 2009, said in a statement: “Our main objective is to get this fixed, whether it’s the government or through the lawsuit. That’s not as nearly important to us if it checks before somebody gets hurt really bad.”

The law firm is referring to other complaints filed over autonomous acceleration of the Tesla car. For that, Tesla has already cleared that the drivers pressed the accelerator pedal to 100% instead of the brakes, similar to its explanation in Mr. Son’s case.

However, Mr. McCune disagrees and he said that “no reasonable person would just put the pedal all the way down to the floor” while parking a vehicle in a garage. He is certain that Tesla will use the vehicle’s data log to defend its position, but thinks that he can find “some inconsistencies” that would make their support unreliable.

According to Electrek, Toyota handled the situation inappropriately and ended up settling a handful of lawsuits, although no evidence about issues with the vehicle were found. Moreover, some people died because of Toyota’s sudden acceleration.

Conversely, Tesla is in a better position to handle the situation, thanks to its vehicle logs and sensors which provide data regarding what exactly happened during the time of the incident. The report came after Tesla delayed its launched in South Korea, but the company claims that the lawsuit has nothing to do with its expansion plan.