Speculations have confirmed that Yale’s smart locks will now be HomeKit compatible, allowing users to communicate with Siri to monitor their security

Published By: Ken Bock on January 5, 2017 07:27 am EST

Lock-manufacturer, Yale has begun experimenting on its version of “smart-locks” at last. Speculations from Ubergizmo revealed that the popular company’s smart-locks have now been enabled to work with Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) HomeKit platform.

HomeKit is Apple’s solution to creating a smart-home for users. Since the concept of building smart-homes has gotten frequently common in the past few years, it is evident that the iPhone-maker hopes to enable support for a range of third-party smart platforms through its HomeKit to attract a larger number of buyers.

Since HomeKit users can conveniently control HomeKit compatible devices through their iOS apps, it is evident that Apple’s foray into the smart-home industry is taking off on a good start. Even though the tech giant does continue facing occasional competition from companies like Amazon, which is also looking into bolstering the usage of smart-home assistants and speakers, we believe that Apple’s latest integration will appeal to a lot of its existing HomeKit users.

Now, users will be able to lock and unlock their Yale smart-locks with simple voice-commands. Since the company’s Siri assistant operates as one of the most dominant virtual assistants in competitive markets, It is evident that Apple hopes to ramp up on the assistant’s capabilities some more with the start of the New Year.

While Amazon may claim that Apple’s latest integration of Yale locks may be inspired by the retail giant after it enabled support for August smart-locks through its Alexa assistant, we believe that Apple’s loyal user base will be interested in finally having an option of securing their houses without having to physically leave their seats.

Moreover, users will be able to keep tabs on their battery status, current lock status, and have the option to add and delete PIN codes. Apple has done an exceptional job in making sure that certain modes will enable default settings. For example, if users communicate and tell Siri they’re going to bed, the assistant will automatically run checks on a bunch of things: locks, smart-thermostats, and smart-lights. This highlights Apple’s determination to provide its users with a premium experience all the way. All-in-all, Yale and HomeKit will be warmly welcomed by a large number of users.