Tesla releases a handout given to guests at the Gigafactory investor event, revealing more details about its latest initiatives

Published By: Angela Campbell on January 10, 2017 12:49 pm EST

Last week, Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) held an investor event at the Gigafactory 1 (GF1) in Sparks, NV and started the production of the new 21-70 battery cells that will power storage products and the Model 3. Before the factory tour, the guests were provided with a document which included some details about its latest initiatives, Electrek reported.

Now, Tesla has made the document public that shows more details about GF1 and plans to develop the world’s largest rooftop solar array. The company has been boasting that it will cease the use fossil fuel to power its factories and now it confirms that GF1 is an-electric factory that will use sustainable electricity generate via mixture of a 70MW solar roof top array and ground installation.

The rooftop array will be seven times bigger than the existing world’s largest solar rooftop system of 10MW located at a Whirlpool Corporation Regional Distribution Center in Perris, CA. The company also highlighted its cell recycling, climate system, and water treatment.“Construction is underway for an on-site recycling facility that will safely reprocess all types of Tesla battery cells, modules, and packs, into various metal products for reuse in new cells,” the company added. Tesla also disclosed the tour route and each stops:

Additionally, a German firm shifted into the GF1 to start the cell cases’ production. The above diagram suggests that the company stopped the tour at the “Model 3 Battery Pack” and it is unclear whether the investor got the chance to see the ‘Stop 1,’ which could be the first time that the company showed the Model 3’s battery packs. 

The company also explained how it plans to lower monetary investment at the factory, as well as battery cell/pack cost perkWh. Since the document included more words and less numbers, most of the analysts were disappointed with the Gigafactory event