Is Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Planning Price Cut for Xbox One at E3 2016?

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Xbox One may well be on its way to become cheaper

Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One is no stranger to temporary price drops. During the Holiday Season or Spring Sale, Microsoft has temporarily dropped the price of the system more than once.

Now, Xbox One is once again officially slashed to $299 for a limited time. The last time the console was sold for $299 for during the Holiday period and Microsoft’s Spring Sale earlier this year, but something about the current price drop is what makes us curious. Could there be a permanent price drop on the way?

E3 2016 is just over two weeks ahead. The biggest gaming event of the year is stage to many games and hardware announcements. According to a recent report, Microsoft will introduce a Slim revision of the existing PS4 console and it may come with a 2TB hard-drive. It is fair to assume that if it is indeed true, then the current price drop may be a way to clear out the existing stock to make room for the new revision to replace the current system and all its SKUs.

Traditionally, slim revisions can also bring new price points. If this doesn’t turn out to be the case, then it can be assured that the revision will pack more features to make the case for its $349 price tag. Assumingly, Microsoft can phase out the current 500GB and 1TB SKU with 1TB and 2TB SKU. The new 1TB model could retail for $299 with a permanent price and the 2TB will take over as the higher SKU. It certainly does make sense. Assuming Microsoft’s previous moves, a price-cut will work as a strategy for its 2016 games lineup to attract more gamers to the platform.

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