Tesla finally arrives in Portugal as it opens test drives and orders for Model S and Model X

Published By: Angela Campbell on January 28, 2017 11:15 am EST

Last year, The Country Caller reported that a group of Model S Portuguese owners held their first meet in Lisbon to make a request to Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) to open its sales and service location in the country. The company has been taking initiatives to initially launch in Portugal and even met witb the government officials to provide facilities to its existing customers and expand its addressable market.

Electrek reported that Tesla has opened the orders for both the Model S and Model X for the Portuguese customers on Friday, eventually marking its launch in the country. The automaker has a sales representative in Lisbon and it plans to open a store and service location soon.

The news confirms that the new owners will no longer require importing a Tesla car from another country and buy it directly from the company. After placing their orders online, all the existing Tesla owners had traveled across Spain to Marseille or Bordeaux in France to collect their delivery or get their vehicles serviced.

The Model S starting price in the country is €76,344 ($81,700) and its top-of-the-line could cost as much as €188,200 with all the options. Conversely, the Model S is offered in a range of €110,900 and €194,750. The prices include value added tax, and transportation and documentation costs and exclude gas savings and incentives. While the design studio shows the first deliveries are scheduled for “early 2017,” Electrek noted that they will take place during the second quarter.

Tesla has also started a ‘Tesla Drive Model S and Model X in Portugal’ event for customers to experience what it is like to have a Tesla car. They can register themselves here and visit Palace Estoril Golf and Spa Hotel for test drive, after getting their appointment fixed.

Tesla also announced the Supercharger network in Portugal, after expanding its fast DC-charging stations in Spain. The first charging location will likely open during the second half of 2017. The 2017 Supercharger expansion plan for Europe shows three Superchargers in Portugal:

Moreover, the Destination Charging program will start in the country “in the next few weeks,” allowing local businesses to get level two chargers at little or no cost. We published a report last year explaining how Portugal could be a big market for Tesla.

Tesla released a promo video for their arrival into Portugal: