Patch notes released

Published By: Ken Bock on January 28, 2017 10:16 am EST

Frontier Developments has just launched Planet Coaster’s Update 1.1.3 which, apart from the game’s usual addition of fixes and tweaks, adds in some pretty interesting and new features. And that’s not all, the developers have added in a few more languages which means more players can now enjoy this incredible construction simulation title.

The update is now available for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Download the update now as a bunch of new features and additions lie ahead which include the introduction of the game’s newest ride, called “The Scizzer.”

Check out the update’s patch notes below;

  • Exciting new features and improvements
  • Language support added for Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean.
  • Allow items to be removed from sale in shops.
  • Added a new ride, the Scizzer.
  • Added Scizzer ride audio and "Friendship Drive Engaged" music track.
  • Global coaster track support improvements that will automatically populate throughout all coasters
    • New support just on vertical drops/rises.
    • Dive coaster has its own new vertical support.
    • New diagonal supports just for specials.
    • Sloping supports stay facing the same way when ascending and descending.
    • No more 'Goal post' supports on track one variants.
    • Dog-legging now only occurs 100ft from the ground.
    • New support just for vertical loops on inverted (Rival, Boa, Stingray).
  • Live Data stats changed from acceleration to actual g-forces (factoring in gravity).
  • Air time scoring has had minor tweaks. Move airtime bonus out from being measured by acceleration and into actual g-forces.
  • Light sequences added to the Kick-Flip and Cube flat rides.
  • Added new Guest Thoughts
    • On-Ride Experience (having fun, nauseous and too intense)
    • Post-ride thoughts (How satisfied guests are by a ride)
    • Missing facilities and shops (including luxury item shops such as Souvenirs / Hats)
    • Ride wear-and-tear
    • Ride breakdowns
    • Transport rides, including if other stations are near anything interesting.
    • If things are too far away and there are no transport rides

For details regarding bug fixes and other improvements, check out the game’s official steam page here. Comment below and let us know what you think of Planet Coaster’s latest update. Are you excited to see what lies ahead?