Not Every Xbox Game Will Come to Windows, Says Xbox Boss

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If you’ve been following the gaming industry this week, it is certain that you already know how strongly Microsoft has been pushing gaming on its latest operating system. Just this week, it was confirmed that another Xbox One exclusive is coming to Windows 10. Forza Motorsport 6 Apex is the next Windows 10 exclusive that is set to showcase the technical prowess of the new DirectX 12 API.

That is not all, it has also been confirmed by the studio behind the series that all future installments will be developed concurrently on Xbox One and PC. Microsoft has been bringing major first-party Xbox One exclusives to PC, and we have been pretty busy this week keeping up with all the announcements, rumors and fan reactions. This strategy of Microsoft has not been received well by everyone. Many Xbox One owners feel cheated that their must-buy exclusives are suddenly not-so-exclusive anymore.

Talking about these fan criticisms and the assumption that Microsoft is no longer committed to consoles like they used to be, the Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, joined IGN in a recent podcast to answer those questions.

Spencer commented by saying that Microsoft is “more committed” to the console than it has ever been. And while it is committed to bringing the biggest franchises to both Xbox One and PC, he said that “it doesn’t mean that every game ends up on both platforms”. You can check out the comment at the 21:13 mark here.

Make no mistake, Microsoft is very aggressively pursuing the idea of creating an eco-system and you can expect more announcements in the future, but now at least we know that not every Xbox One exclusive will be available on PC, and vice-versa. This should cool down Xbox owners, since there may yet to be exclusives coming for their console.

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