Buy Or Rent DVDs And Blu-ray Movies From Netflix App Now

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If you’re old school and still rent or buy DVDs, then Netflix application is for you

Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) has launched an iOS application for customers that is a subsitute for renting or buying Blu-ray movies and DVDs. The company launched its rental service 20 years ago and has made numerous changes to its service since then. However, it seems to stick to its roots. The company announced worldwide access to streaming at the CES in 2016 but for this year, it has focused on DVD rental consumers.

Most of the users do not prefer to buy DVDs these days but ironically enough, the service still works and is even profitable. Thus, there is someone out there who’d like to stay old school or simply enjoy a collection. Netflix has an exclusive application for the users with various handy tools and features. The application does not just allow users to see and make order, but even keep track of whether their discs have been returned or being shipped to them. Recommendation tool is also available along with search and browse.

For now, this application is sadly only available for Apple users as it is only for iOS. Ironically enough, the number of users that buy DVD keeps going low but the addition of Blu-ray might help in that department. The application is for the streaming services, platform. The management of DVD queue should not be new to many users as it was available in the company’s mobile application but was removed in 2011. The removal was made so that the company could solely focus on online streaming.

Almost four million users still use the DVD shipment service of Netflix, thus an exclusive platform is necessary. This service is also ideal for movies and TV shows that are not available on the online platform anymore, which is mainly because the company has trouble attainin the licenses for the particular content. iOS users interested in the DVD service can download the application on their phones now and order away.

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