Facebook sadly became a victim of its own fake news problem and ran a safety check for a bomb scare in Bangkok

Published By: Ken Bock on December 28, 2016 07:36 am EST

Facebook Incorporation (FB) ran a safety check for a bomb scare in Bangkok, Thailand which was false. The incident turned out to be a protestor using fireworks. The social media network’s safety alert feature enables users to mark themselves as safe if a disaster occurs in the area. This recent false safety check occurred due to fake news report by a third party.

Facebook’s safety check feature has come in handy during major attacks and natural disasters; it helps friend and families to be assured that their loved ones are safe. It has been seen on the website 335 times so far. However, the recent one was false, which automatically activated on Tuesday.

A false alarm of an explosion in Bangkok, Thailand was made; this was deactivated within an hour.  It was later discovered that it was only a protestor who threw fireworks at a government building in the area.

The social media giant has faced huge criticism for its ‘fake news’ problem since the US presidential elections. All the necessary steps are being taken by the company to cope with the issue, but apparently these efforts have not been enough.  The recent false safety check was even backed by the link from a website known as ‘Bangokinformer.com’ which was in reference to breaking news by BBC. However the explosion video was old, it was made in 2015 of a blast at the Erawan shrine.

A spokesperson for the social media service said, “As with all Safety Check activations, Facebook relies on a trusted third party to first confirm the incident and then on the community to use the tool and share with friends and family.”  The company informed back in November that it will no longer activate the Safety Check tool on its own but this would happen automatically according to users’ activities. This will work through the detection of keywords such as ‘bomb’, ‘explosions’, ‘earthquakes’ and so on.

The Safety Check tool was deactivated within an hour, after the company found out the there was no explosion but it was only a false alarm. This does not mean it did not get the attention of the masses who now think that Facebook needs to resolve the ‘fake news’ issue at earliest.