New mechanics, Dinosaurs, and a lot more

Published By: Myrna Salomon on January 2, 2017 08:02 am EST

Studio Wildcard has just unveiled details regarding some of its upcoming update’s patch notes for its increasingly popular game, ARK: Survival Evolved. But that’s not all as the developers have also revealed when exactly the update will be making its way into the game.

According to Steam’s official page for ARK: Survival Evolved, the update titled version 254, will be releasing on January 20. However, since the details are stated only on the game’s Steam page, the release date mentioned refers to the PC release of the patch. For the time being, it is unclear as to when these changes are going to make their way onto the consoles.

Here are details of what the upcoming v254 update will include;

  • New Mechanic: Hairstyles & Facial Hair (with real-time growing), Hair Dyeing, & Haircutting + Scissors
  • Tek Tier Phase 1: Tek Engram system, Element Resource system, Tek Replicator, Tek Rifle, Tek Helmet, Tek Visor, Tek Jetpack, Tek Boots, Tek Gloves, Tek Rex Saddle, Tek Transmitter, and more.
  • New Dino: Ovis Aries!
  • New Dino: Thylacoleo!
  • New Dino: Basilosaurus!
  • New Dino: Baryonyx!
  • New Dino: Purlovia!
  • New Dino: Microraptor!
  • New Dino: Ammonite!
  • New Item: Lance (for jousting of course!)

But that’s not all as according to the same post, more changes and features are going to be added in. For the complete patch notes, ARK players will have to wait a little longer.

On the other hand, here are a few features that are currently being developed by Studio Wildcard. It is believed that these changes are soon going to be added into the game. Check out details of these upcoming features below;

  • New Structure: Dynamic-Length Bridges
  • More Creatures, Gear, Armors, Weapons, & Structures!
  • Tek Caves, "Ascension" Game Progression, "Boss Wars"
  • Aquatic and Amphibious Mating/Lifecycles
  • DirectX12 Mode for Windows 10! Approximate +20% perf
  • Specific Representative "on-ground" meshes for all dropped items
  • Random GPU Driver crash fix: TrueSky