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Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) First Czech Republican Supercharger Charges All Kinds Of EVs

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Tesla’s first Supercharger location in Czech Republic includes several charging standards

Some car manufacturers and electric vehicle (EV) owners have been demanding for homogenous charging standards across the world. While some progress has already been made, we would have to wait and see which standards will remain and which will be shunned.

Meanwhile, some charging stations with several charging standards have started to emerge in some parts of the world. Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has started to follow this approach at select Supercharger locations around the globe. The automaker’s latest charging station is the first Czech Republican Supercharger.

The E.ON Supercharger situated in Humpolec, a town in Vysočina Region, along the European Route E-50, the main highway between Brno and Prague. The location has been split into two lanes: a six-stall DC-fast charging station and a series of several other charging standards.

The latter half of the station includes two DC-fast chargers, a CHAdeMo charger and CSS charger (both capped at 50kWh. There is also couple of level-2 Mennekes type 2 chargers with power output of 22kW.

Last month, the company official launched the Humpolec Supercharger providing 24 hours free charging service to Model S and Model X owners. Owners can use BENZINA gas station’s restaurant, restrooms, and amenities, as well as free Wi-Fi offered by E.NO, while getting their vehicle recharged. shared some photos of the Supercharger station:

The Humpolec Supercharger is the automaker’s first foray into the Czech Republican soil. Since it does not have any retail or service center location in the country yet, it does not sell the Model S and Model X to the natives. Though, whenever Tesla launches a Supercharger station in a new country, it is generally a sign that the automaker is about to introduce its vehicle into the market. shows that Tesla has a permit to open another Supercharger in Prague.

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