Wikipedia iOS App Update Offers a Breath of Fresh Air

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The redesigned app comes with 3D touch support and a new Explore feed

Wikipedia finally updated its iOS app, and there is no denying the fact that it offers a breath of fresh air with all the new features it has to offer. The redesigned app gives users the ability to find content that they would otherwise miss quite easily. Additionally, it puts all of iOS 9’s features to good use, including Spotlight Search and 3D Touch.

It is quite evident that Wikipedia wished to take full advantage of the recent mobile revolution. The company already gave users the ability to edit articles and benefit from online access, and even integrated social elements; but it did not want to stop just there.

While developing the app, Wikipedia was keen on making personalization its first priority. The app comes equipped with an all new Explore Feed which gives users the ability to read some of the most popular articles and offers picture of the day along with featured articles.  

On the other hand, it makes effective use of Apple’s 3D Touch technology, allowing users to gain access to quick features like reading random articles and open search.

As amazing as the new Wikipedia app for iOS seems, only time will tell whether it will affect the apps’ popularity. But one thing is for certain, it will gain a lot of attention; and that is a fact.

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