A Malicious Link Causes Malfunction in Apple Devices: iPhone 7 Suffers

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An annoying malicious link causes all iPhone devices to malfunction, a software update is expected to counter the issue

Every now and then, Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS firmware faces a bug-related problem which causes a temporary misbehaving of devices. For example, around two years ago, the firmware faced the notorious “effective power” bug, and since then we’ve seen a number of issues prevalent.

It’s been discovered that playing a .mp4 video in Safari on an iOS-running device will affect it to malfunction, slowing it down to a crawl, and finally, freezing the device totally. We won’t be providing the malicious link here, for obvious reasons. But do take our words seriously, the malicious link will essentially overload your iOS device making it unstable.

As of now, it is still not clear what is the root cause of the issue. The likely reason however might be that the .mp4 video is corrupted, and when played, the firmware is not sure how to handle the corrupted video properly. The flaw is not specific to a certain firmware. As reported, an iPhone device running on an iOS as low as iOS 5 incurs the problem initiating the device to overload, freeze, and then, ultimately, making it unstable.

Fascinatingly, with the newest firmware iOS 10.2 beta 3, if an affected iPhone is let to run for a long time, it will shut itself down automatically. And an indefinite spinning wheel will be displayed on your device (same as in normal circumstances, when the shutdown process if triggered manually).

If a friend of yours sends you the malicious link for the sake of fun, and you fall for it, there is a simple hands on approach to counter the issue. Giving your device a hard reboot counters the problem. For any iPhone user, other than iPhone 7 users this is the way to go. iPhone 7 has an innovative non-mechanical Home Button, and in order to reboot users will have to long -press the Volume Down button and Home Button simultaneously.

At the moment, there aren’t any long-lasting effects with the viewing of the video on Apple’s devices. And it is expected from the Cupertino giant to come up with a fix soon in an upcoming firmware update. Till then, it is advised to all iPhone users to keep an eye out for the malicious link and not fall for it.

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