Mozilla Co-Founder’s Brave Browser To Pay Users For Viewing Ads

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Mozilla’s co-founder Brendan Eich’s Brave Browser will now pay users in bitcoins to view ads that they want, in the browser’s ad replacement mode

Brave is available on a wide range of desktop and mobile operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. The idea behind the plan to pay users for viewing ads is that ads with malicious intent with tendency to invade the privacy will be blocked. In their stead, ads from trusted networks will be shown, and not just for nothing. The users will then be compensated in bitcoins for the trouble of viewing the ads approved by the browser in the first place. The only tracking Brave promises to do is the sort which would allow the browser to analyze a particular user’s browsing habits, in order to display more relevant ads.

The ads approved for viewing will not contain any sensitive content, without putting the identity of any viewer at any sort of risk. The compensation for viewing ads was previously hinted at by Brendan Eich, who said that the revenue would be shared with both publishers and users. Once the advertisers pay up for a certain number of viewings or impressions, the amount would then be accumulated into an aggregate pool. The approved payment plan from ad-networks for all parties was would then be as following: –

  • 55% for Publishers
  • 15% for Brave
  • 15% for Ad-Matching Partner
  • 1%% for Users

Payments would be credited to a Bitcoin Wallet verified user-to-user by phone numbers and email addresses. A micropayment system, called “Brave Ledger”, would also be available for users choosing to donate to publishers.

On the other hand, users will have the option to pay and block all sorts of ads, pay certain publishers to block their ads, or even go full ad-block mode without making any payment at all. All these avenues would be at hand for the user to explore, with secure micropayments at the helm of the whole business model.

Brave 1.0 Development release should be ready for release sometime next month, by which time this proposed payment plan would be approved from feedback. Users can, however, seek the risk-free – and return free – option of not paying and not being paid for any ads. But the innovative idea and fairly proper implementation and division of the accumulated pool does seem like a proposition that should be discussed.

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