Nokia attempts to step its smartphone game up but only in China with Android-powered Nokia 6

Published By: Ken Bock on January 9, 2017 07:57 am EST

Nokia Corporation (NOK) has rolled out an Android-powered phone, the Nokia 6 which is officially available but only in China. The once iconic company might get back in the Android Smartphone game.  HMD has the rights to sell Nokia phones, was the one that announced the Nokia 6 on Sunday.

The Nokia 6 will costs customers in China 1700 yuan which is $245, it comes in 5.5-inches with a resolution of 1920x1080, 2.5D Gorilla Glass portection. The primary camera is 16MP while the secondary camera comes in 8MP powered by Qaulcomm’s Snapdragon 430 with 4GB RAM and internal storage of 64GB. The phone will consist of an aluminum exterior with a huge battery and better graphics.

Nokia does have tough competition from local Smartphone makers in China such as Xiaomi, but that apparently has not discouraged the phone maker to roll out in the region. China has a huge population which means more customers, almost the double of US. HMD bought right to sell the company’s made phone and tablets from Microsoft a year ago for $350 million.

Unfortunately, this device is exclusive to China, thus users interested elsewhere will have to fly to the country to buy the Nokia 6. The phone maker was once at the top of the phone market, which has changed over the years. Thus, it really needs to step its game up, which means globally and not just in China. The phone might not be available in the future in other countries, but not all is lost as HMD plans to release more products in the future which could include an Android-powered phone.

The Nokia 6 commercial has been launched it is nothing fancy but it definitely does the job. Mobile payments system is showed off in the advertisement, which is done through a fingerprint scanner