The Country Caller examines fourth quarter predicted financial values for Alliance Holdings and DHT Holdings prior to their January 30 announcements

Published By: Eunice Gettys on January 28, 2017 07:18 pm EST

Alliance Holdings GP, L.P. (NASDAQ:AHGP) and DHT Holdings Inc’s (NYSE:DHT) fourth quarter of fiscal year 2016 (4QFY16) financial earnings are due to be announced before the opening bell on Monday, January 30. Alliance and DHT have held mixed earnings results in the past. Regardless of the previous performances, only DHT is expected to outperform analysts’ numbers on top line in the upcoming results.

Alliance Holdings

In the upcoming results announcements, the Wall Street analysts expect Alliance Holdings to deliver 77 cents in earnings per share (EPS). Given that the company reported 96 cents in EPS for the same quarter of last year, Alliance is expected to observe about 20% year-over-year (YoY) compression on the bottom line this season. Moreover, the Okhloma-based company is also predicted to report 4.94% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) decline in net sales.

In addition to profits per share, Alliance Holdings has also achieved consensus revenue estimate of $470.88 million. Provided that the $1.79 billion business earned $542.05 million in 4QFY15 net sales, the revenues are expected to reduce roughly 13% YoY this quarter. Furthermore, the net sales are also likely to shrink about 14.7% QoQ over 3QFY16’s revenue of $551.97 million.

DHT Holdings

For the recent quarter, DHT Holdings has acquired 12 cents in consensus profits per share estimate. Wall Street estimate represents a robust growth on the bottom line from the company’s previous quarter EPS of one cent. However, it also implies a dramatic decline of 65.7% YoY on the top line as the company reported 35 cents EPS for 4QFY15.

The analysts also predict DHT Holdings’ 4Q revenues to clock in at $63.72 million on Monday. If this happens, the company’s top line will shrink about 20.35% YoY and 1.67% QoQ. In contrast, expects the $398.67 million company to report revenue of $64.19 million, slightly better than Street’s top line prediction.