Sony Corp’s (ADR) (SNE) Uncharted 4 Controversial Review Gets Petition For Removal From MetaCritic

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The review goes too far to bash the game for something it is not

Sony Corp.’s (NYSE:SNE) Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a great game, right? Many fans have been hooked to the game’s impressive visual, immersive storyline, great mechanics and multiplayer. However, as always, there are some who do not think that the game is as good as everyone thinks and a recent negative review of the game from the Washington Post has been criticized for giving it 4 out of 10. Fans have gone to the limit of removing the said review from the review aggregator website ‘MetaCritic’ and have created a petition for this purpose.

It all started when a mini bomb exploded on the internet with the review of the Washington Post included on MetaCritic. It ended up knocking down the overall rating of the game to 93 from 94 and several issues have been pointed out with this particular listing. For starters, the actual review page does not list a score for the game and it is not yet known as to where the score came from. Interestingly, there is another review on the same website which gives the game a perfect score.

Following the events, fans of the game took the matter to the petition website ‘’ and the petition created by Dimitris Xorikos requests the review to be removed from the aggregated score of the game.

The review itself lacks analysis and reasoning and the author tries to baselessly bash the game for something it isn’t. While everyone in the world is free to weigh in their own opinion, a good or respectable opinion should include genuine and legitimate reasoning other than the need to bash just for the sake of being the odd one out.

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