The Division’s Lead Designers Have yet to Complete the Incursion; It’s That Hard

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The lead designers for incursions reveal more details about the upcoming Incursions

Ubisoft Entertainment SA’s The Division is slated to receive a major update next week that looks to add new activities and tweak the existing content. The game will finally be receiving the very first Incursion, brutal raids that are going to bring out the best in each player. 

Recently in a podcast, the game’s senior designer was asked about the potential difficulty level that players would face in the Incursion and it looks like it is going to be super tough. Lead Designer Matthias Karlson and Lead Economic Designer Andrada Gregiuc exclaimed that even they themselves have been unable to complete the Incursion so far due to the high difficulty tier.

On the topic of difficulty scaling, the designers replied that the hard mode for the Incursion is going to be more difficult than the current challenge mode available on regular missions. That being said, successful completion of Incursions is going to reward players with the highest level loot that cannot be attained through the regular missions or challenge modes. That’s one incentive of surviving Incursions.

We suggest that you get yourself battle-ready for the incoming new end-game raids. From what we know, Incursions are going to include new types of enemies where players must take down mini bosses like a “bullet proof armored personnel.” If what the designers are saying is indeed true, Incursions are going to be really, really hard and be something completely different than what we have seen in the game in the past month.

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