The Division: Quickly Level Up With This Simple Trick

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Think you’re leveling up too slow in The Division? Well, no more

The latest title from Ubisoft, The Division was just released a week ago and it has already garnered a community spanning thousands of players. The game has received rave reviews from most sources, and the company is hard at work to improve the game even further by asking for feedback from users on Reddit and the Ubisoft forums and then implementing the changes suggested by users. One of the main aspects of the game is the player level, in which a lot of the gameplay depends. For obvious reason, players are always looking for faster ways to level up. Well, here’s one way you can really speed up your rate of leveling up.

Unbeknownst to a lot of users, some of the equippable gear in the game can boost the XP you gain by killing enemies by up to 70 percent which obviously makes a huge difference in terms of leveling up. And the best part? The advantages gained from the gear are applicable in the Dark Zone as well. If you have any PvE credits, be sure to utilize them for calibrating your armor, as that can get you significantly better extra XP gain percentages. So how does this translate in terms of the actual gameplay? For example, if you’ve equipped the right gear, when you were getting 165 XP normally, you’d get up to 280 XP with gains. Now, if it takes 5000XP to level up from a specific level, it would normally take killing 31 enemies to level up a notch, however with the gains, you’d only need to get rid of 18 enemies, which is a far easier task.

Furthermore, to expedite your progress even further, you should purchase the Gold Spec Ops Pads from the Phoenix Coin Vendor in your BoO to add 25% to scaving and EXP. This will increase the XP you gain along with increasing the frequency and quality of the drops received.

And that’s it. With this simple trick, you can immensely speed up your leveling up process in the game, and a testament to that fact are the numbers mentioned above. Please let us know your feedback in the comments below.

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