Amazon Sets its Eyes on Australia

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Amazon plans to introduce online store and brick-and-mortar outlets in Australia

Speculations suggest that, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is now looking to shift most of its attention toward Australia. With plans to open brick-and-mortar stores along with an online supermarket in the country, the online retail giant hopes to drive up its business against Australia’s local stores.

The company claims that customers who do not find their choice of items on shelves can simply make use of the online store in order to get their items delivered from its fulfillment centers. While the retail giant claims that its brick-and-mortar outlets will be smaller in size as compared to other Australian retail outlets, the shops will store some of basic items such as alcohol, fruit, meat, vegetables, and dairy. Considering that e-commerce titan might bring Amazon Fresh to Australia at some point in the future, the emergence of these brick-and-mortar stores may greatly excite Australians since it would be a stark indication of its new-found focus.

Furthermore, the company has made sure that its app enables users to vouch for options to either have their ordered items delivered to their doorstep, or prepped for pick up from Amazon’s drive-thru lanes. Since the online retailer remains one of the most dominant players in the industry today, we believe that its outlets and online store in Australia could greatly help ramp up on its number of users.

It also seems that Australia isn’t the only destination on the company’s bucket list. Alongside this, it has plans to eventually unveil Amazon Fresh service in South East Asia and Singapore. With Amazon Fresh’s advent earlier, it is evident that the retail giant hopes to expand its services around the globe in order to eliminate any chance of competition. Considering that Amazon thrives in markets due to its platforms such as Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Prime, and more, we believe that its latest move will greatly excite many deprived Amazon-fans in Australia.

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