Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) CEO Satya Nadella to Write Book “Hit Refresh”

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Proceeds from Hit Refresh will be going to Microsoft Philanthropies

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) CEO Satya Nadella is writing a book titled “Hit Refresh”, in which he will talk about the company, his personal life, and the impact that technology has had on our life and would further have in the future.

Hit Refresh is not a first of its kind project for Mr. Nadella, as he has previously contributed to Slate and Financial Times in the form of opinionated pieces. The book is set to hit the shelves in the Fall of next year in collaboration with Harper Business. According to the now-writer himself, Hit Refresh will not be a typical “how to succeed” book or a memoir of any sort. Mr. Nadella has said that the book will be targeting Microsoft employees, customers, team members, and partners, and the proceeds generated from the book sales will be donated towards Microsoft Philanthropies.

In the words of the publishers Harper Business, Hit Refresh will primarily talk about three major topics, or transformations that have undergone or are undergoing today. One is of Satya Nadella’s life, the other is the transformation that is taking place inside the company that was once the biggest monopoly in the world and now has projects varying from cloud services, to office essentials and gaming consoles, and the third is the transformation and change that has occurred in our lives, and occurs daily through technology.

Hit Refresh represents the act of transforming that we’ve encountered in our day to day lives, and the book will talk about how Mr. Nadella and Microsoft have hit refresh to generate ideas, produce the required energy, and maintaining relevance in this ever-changing landscape of technology. While you would think that Satya Nadella would have a lot on his plate at Microsoft – the changes that have taken place inside the company would back your judgement up – but Mr. Nadella has taken this step to let the world know how the company hopes to hit refresh and how the world of today does so every day without fail.

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