Another Source Confirms Existence of Sony PlayStation 4.5

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The rumors are getting stronger and stronger, suggesting Sony is definitely cooking up something

Rumor surfaced earlier this month that suggested that Sony Corp. (NYSE:SNE) is preparing an upgrade for PlayStation 4, which would include a faster hardware setup allowing the console to have more visual grunt. 1080p at 60 frames-per-second could finally be a reality after this update.

This report came courtesy of Kotaku, who revealed that according to their multiple sources, Sony has a “PS4.5” in the pipeline for the future. Then there was the case of some developers at GDC’s show floor discussing potential of a possible PS4.5.

Now, Eurogamer has stepped in to confirm that this is indeed a reality. A new PlayStation 4 version that has a beefier hardware is under wraps at Sony’s R&D labs. Eurogamer has also published an extensive opinion on what the new upgrade is going to be. Details about the console and what it will be is something currently not known, but it is expected that Sony will release it later this year.

Earlier this year, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) took everyone by surprise when the Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, confirmed that a new Xbox One is very likely next in the line and that the software giant is looking to expand the console realm by offering incremental changes that will keep the box relevant with new emerging technologies.

It seems that both gaming giants are on the same path. Consoles have always been these closed boxes that deliver the best experience they can for 5-6 years, but that might change in the upcoming years. Mid-cycle hardware upgrades are not new, but they haven’t been successful in the past.

The silicon industry is moving to 14nm and 16nm fabrication process this year. Since both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One rely on Advanced Micro Devices’s (NASDAQ:AMD) APUs, both consoles may see a hardware refresh with a redesign – or at least one of them.

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