Sony Corp (ADR) (SNE) Planning to Ship 6 Million PlayStation VR Headsets by Fiscal Year 2016

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There is strong demand for Sony’s upcoming headset

Digi Times mentioned news citing a report by Liberty Times on Sony Corp.’s (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) PlayStation VR headset. The firm has collected data from a Taipei-based research institute and the report says PlayStation VR is seeing stronger demand than what was expected. Due to this Sony is expected to ship six million units of PlayStation VR in 2016.

The headset opened up preorders earlier in June, and to no one’s surprise it was sold out within minutes. The reception was not surprising because the headset saw a similar reception in other territories. Amazon exhausted its first batch of preorders within 10 minutes of availability. Sony’s VR headset is a tough deal to get hands on.

The report reveals that Oculus is aiming to ship 2.3 million Rift units and HTC is aiming for 700,000 Vive units. The combined shipment of rival headsets is half of what Sony is planning to ship, which speaks about the higher demand of PlayStation VR. It could be due to the fact that Sony’s headset costs cheaper and every PlayStation 4 in the total 40 million install base is “VR Ready.”

Japanese-based research firm Nikkei has also reported that Sony’s estimated shipment for PlayStation VR headset is between 1-3 million units for the fiscal year 2016 which ends on March 2017. This will allow Sony to cash in a revenue of $400 – $1,200 million, the report says.

PlayStation VR is slated to launch on October 13. The PlayStation VR Bundle which includes the headset, a PlayStation Camera, two Move controllers and a copy of PlayStation VR retails for $499. The Core bundle that includes none of the aforementioned extras except the headset is priced at $399. It should be noted that PlayStation VR requires PlayStation Camera to work, so the final price lands in at $449.  

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