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Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA): Is There an Issue with the Model X Windshield?

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Tesla Motors Inc Model X windshield creates a double-vision effect for drivers, as they see two sets of headlights and brake lights of other cars at night

In an earlier post, The Country Caller discussed how Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) created “The Perfect Family Car” with the Model X, its safest and fastest-produced SUV to date. Now, some officials have gone on to claim that it is the most complex car to be built in the world. After the auto maker received a number of complaints related to the Model X’s falcon-wing doors, second and third-row seats, Jalopnik and CNET recently revealed that a number of Model X owners have been facing issues with the vehicle’s gigantic windshield.

After Tesla Motors Club (TMC) member rmiggins pointed out that he has experienced double vision at night through the vehicle’s windshield, a few more owners confirmed the same problem. The user stated that he saw two sets of headlights and brake lights of other vehicles through the windshield at night. He ensured that the problem had nothing to do with his vision, his 43 years of age, or even fatigue, as he blamed his 6’5” height and the windshield’s curve for the nuisance. However, he also added that moving his head roughly three inches solved the problem.

Another Model X user, Jeff McClure, reported facing the same issue this month, and suggested the company should either replace the compromised windshields or maybe add a tinted film to resolve the problem. Last month, another TMC member quartzav said: “I also see the astigmatism-like double slightly superimposed at superior to the actual tail lights of the cars in the front when its about 1000 feet. More noticeable when the cars’ tail lamp is LED light stripes such as Honda insight or Toyota Prius.”

In contrast, one of the affected members said that although the double vision at night was distracting, it did not seem serious enough to be called dangerous. Some owners have fixed the issue by changing seating positions or glasses or by tinting the window. However, it seems like the windshield’s “double vision” issue could be more widespread.

On a rather positive note, Tesla has acknowledged the issue. “Reflections (ghosting) occurs in all laminated glass to varying degrees,” said a Tesla spokesperson in an emailed statement to Jalopnik. “This is most frequently seen at night and can affect some drivers more than others. We have received only a small number of questions from Model X customers about the windshield and have taken action to address these unique cases.”

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