Bungie’s Destiny Weekly Reset August 30: Nightfall Strike, Court of Oryx, and Prison of Elder Changes

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Sterling Treasures, King’s Fall raid and more are included in the weekly reset

Here’s another Tuesday and a brand new weekly Destiny reset awaits us all. Like every week, we’ve detailed all the changes that players will find on Destiny for this week, so read on for the complete information. 

We’ll start with the new Nightfall strike for this week, which is The Sunless Cell. The modifiers are Small Arms for additional damage for your primary weapons, Chaff that causes your radar to disable, Ironclad that increases the number of enemies protected by shields, and Exposure to increase your shield rate, but only for one time.

Moving on, the Court of Oryx boss for this week is Kagoor. You can beat Kagoor without major fuss by focusing whole-heartedly on the eyes, in order to damage the Ogres. Once the ogres are dead, you will be able to deal with the damage to Kagoor. Follow this course of action and you should be able to accomplish this kill.

For Prison of Elders this week, The Forever Eater is the boss for this week at Level 32, and Machine Wrath is the boss at Level 34. Then there are the Sterling Treasure chests; as always, you can get one by visiting the Postmaster at either the Reef or the Tower.

For the other two, you’ll have to beat a full game of this week’s Crucible playlist, as well as beat the Level 41 on Prison of Elders. Finally, Golgorith is hosting this week’s King’s Fall raid, so don’t keep him waiting.

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