Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) to Address Same-Day Delivery Racial Gaps

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Amazon has had to bow down to the pressure to provide same service to all areas

Online retailer Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is now set to offer its Same-Day home delivery service in all areas of the 27 cities in the United States, following reports that suggested the retail company did not provide the same service in minority-based or under-privileged areas.

The situation regarding the poor quality in service, or the lack of it altogether, in some cases was observed and brought to the attention of Amazon’s higher management by the Congressional Black Caucus. The organization, which represents the members of the Congress of color, then called for an investigation into the matter from the authorities at the Federal Trade Commission.

Following further proceedings, Amazon released a statement that the company would make sure its Same Day Delivery service is available simultaneously and in full effect in all areas and Zip Codes of the 27 cities where it has been launched so far. Furthermore, the Same Day Delivery service will not be offered in any other city or even a Zip Code until the current cities are fully covered.

An analysis was posted by Bloomberg News which highlighted the lack of availability of the $99 per year Prime service in some areas of Boston, New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington, where people of color were in a majority.

Amazon’s prompt action upon the call for inquiry and investigation in to the matter by the Congressional Caucus has solved another case of modern inequality between races in everyday services. A classic case of racial inequality and discrimination has been observed and dealt with admirably which really begs the question; why let any such situation arise in the first place? Of course the question implies that it was all a misunderstanding and an honest bit of mismanagement.

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