Apple Inc. (AAPL) Continues To Face Pressure From Government To Unlock iPhones

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Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) troubles with the government are still not over – scuffle continuing over an iPhone in a drug investigation

Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) encryption on its iPhone continues to be a hurdle for the government even after the FBI managed to hack into the device of San Bernardino shooter. The justice department has demanded Apple’s help in unlocking an iPhone in a drug related case in Brooklyn.

According to the representatives of the Justice department, the demand for Apple to unlock its security on the iPhone is common but since the San Bernanrdino case, Apple has been up in arms about protecting its ecosystem. According to the iPhone company, creating a software to bypass security on its phone is tantamount to providing the government a back door into the devices of all iPhone users.

The demand for Apple’s assistance was struck down in a ruling earlier this year but the department of justice is hoping to appeal this. According to representatives of the Justice Department, the device used in the Brooklyn case runs on a different operating system than the iPhone in the San Bernardino case. Through this, they imply that the same method cannot be used to break into the device in question for the Brooklyn case, a fact which cannot be confirmed since the FBI has not disclosed the third party method it used to unlock the phone.

The argument has been a difficult one for Apple to make since it has a long history of cooperation with the government and in the past, has unlocked iPhones for criminal investigations. However, Apple’s lawyers argue that past precedents of Apple choosing to cooperate are not basis for a legally binding order to do so again. The company also plans to defend against any demand for cooperation on the basis that the government has already proven its capability of hacking into a device with a newer more secure operating system and has the resources to do so with a device running an older operating system too.

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