Here is Why the Upcoming Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Surface Book 2 Will Prove to be a MacBook Pro 2016 Killer

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The upcoming Surface Book 2 is highly tipped to outperform the next generation MacBook Pro

Both Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) are highly expected to be working on their respective next generation laptops which will directly compete with one another for supremacy. However, the latest rumors are speculating that the upcoming Microsoft Surface Book 2 could potentially outperform and outmuscle the next generation MacBook Pro.

Reliable sites are stating that the upcoming Surface Book 2 will be powered by the seventh Generation Intel Kaby Lake processor which would not only make the device super-fast but also significantly efficient as compared to its predecessor model. The incorporation of the latest Intel processor could be a huge advantage for the Surface Book 2 over the next generation MacBook Pro, as the latter is rumored to feature the sixth generation Intel Skylake processor. Also, there are rumors that the Surface Book 2 will feature an upgraded 4K resolution display in its high-end versions which would be perfect for the efficiency of the Intel Kaby Lake processor. However, a Skylake processor will be less effective at keeping up with the powerful demand of a 4K display which is why the next generation MacBook Pro is not expected to sport such an advance technology. Furthermore, the Surface Book 2 will also give users the added benefit of working with the device’s Surface Pen which can prove to be very handy while designing and inputting data. Also, the Surface Book 2 should run on the upcoming Windows 10 Redstone 2 operating system which would further boost the device’s performance.

Microsoft is not expected to release its next generation Surface Book until early 2017, so there will be numerous reports regarding the possible specifications of the upcoming device. However, judging on the latest reports, it seems the wait will be worth it, as Microsoft looks to get the better of one of its biggest rivals.

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