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Apple Inc. Releases Update For El Capitan, Brings Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

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We take a look at the changes Apple has brought to El Capitan with the new 10.11.5 update

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) today released a new update to the public for its Mac OS X operating system. The new update brings the OS X version to 10.11.5 and it is the fifth one for OS EL Capitan since it was first released back in September 2015.

The new update comes two months after Apple released OS X 10.11.4, which for the first time, brought Live Photos for Messages on Mac OS X. It also let users protect their notes with passwords in the Notes App. The new update brings a bunch of under the hood bug fixes, along with some much needed performance improvements.

Most of the updates so far to El Capitan have been only minor bug fixes, security upgrades and performance improvements, the new update being no different. It did not bring in any new features whatsoever and according to Apple, the most notable change is bug fixes, the security and compatibility of Mac devices. This is the last major update Apple will be bringing to OS El Capitan as the company is expected to release a new OS for Mac devices at the WWDC next month.  

For users that were experiencing screen freezes after the 10.11.4 update, they will be disappointed to know the new update does not rectify this issue and users using the 10.11.5 beta version are still experiencing this issue.

Apple, however, claims that the new update has somewhat fixed this problem, as users on the new version of El Capitan are not experiencing the problem as frequently as before. Apple also reported to have fixed the issue with the Spotlight feature, which would consume a large amount of CPU time when the configuration profile was set to “Allow Internet Spotlight Results”.

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