AMD Shows off Zen Processor at Computex 2016

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The highly-anticipated CPU is on track for release this year, Advanced Micro Devices confirms

During its Computex 2016 press briefing, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD) delivered an update on its upcoming Zen microprocessors. The company confirmed that the Zen-based processors are on track for a 2016 release date, but more importantly, AMD showed a manufacturing sample.

(via WCCFTech)

AMD CEO Lisa Su stood on stage to present the Zen-based processor chip in all its glory to the public for the very first time. It is quite clear that Zen has come a long way and has reached the point where AMD could confidently show it off during demo. Not only did AMD showed the silicon, they also demonstrated its performance later.

Zen is AMD’s big project which has been gaining a lot of hype ever since it was announced. AMD created Zen from scratch to achieve one thing: high performance. The company has always offered good performance at an affordable range, but its processors have always trailed behind Intel Corporation’s (NASDAQ:INTC) microprocessors in raw power. Zen is here to bridge the gap and deliver high-performance at a relatively low price point.

The microarchitecture will be part of AMD’s “Summit Ridge” processor lineup which uses the new AM4 socket. The highest end Zen-based processor features eight cores and 16 threads. There will be other core variants available. On a performance level, Zen will deliver 40% IPC count over the previous generation model. The strong core performance will potentially attract high-end gaming customers.

AMD expects big things from Zen. AMD has designed it not only for desktops, but for server, notebook and Embedded segments as well. The company’s roadmap remains strong, as it is backed by multiple technologies including a new Polaris GPU which was announced during the show. At $199, the RX-480 GPU delivers the performance capabilities of a high-end one. This will effectively deliver VR-ready certification in the mainstream market. It’s a shift in performance that AMD believes will help it deliver a bigger VR-ready install base.

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