EA Committed to Bring Single-player in Star Wars Battlefront 2

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A single-player intervention by the developer just might dignify the $60 price tag

Star Wars Battlefront is a game that launched with positive reactions regarding its gameplay and its authenticity to the Star Wars franchise, but there was one core problem that fans couldn’t stop talking about. The game lacked a single-player mode, and in a rich universe like Star Wars, it was an opportunity missed to tell a great story. 

Moreover, many felt that its $60 price tag was unjustified given its accessible multiplayer that was intentionally tailored to attract casual players. The game and its price tag just didn’t stick with the hardcore players. Next year, EA will be releasing a sequel to the game and to everyone’s delight, there is now a single-player element. Talking about the reception of the first game, EA’s Justin McCully spoke about the team’s efforts towards building a single-player mode. 

“We heard the fans loud and clear that the multiplayer was great, but it wasn’t enough and they wanted that complete package. So the team has been very focused on delivering that single-player element.” 

EA hasn’t detailed Battlefront 2 except confirm that it will launch sometime in the last quarter of 2017. Given that next year will also play host to the release of Star Wars: Episode VIII movie, we can expect to see some tie-ins with the movie. Star Wars: Rogue One that released in theaters this week has a DLC inspired by the movie’s event for Star Wars Battlefront.

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