Top 5 Twitter Inc Vine Alternatives

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The Country Caller assembled the cavalry if you’re also on the list of users affected by the shut-down of Vine

Twitter Inc. has announced that it will close its in-house short-video platform, Vine, in the coming months. Vine represented Twitter’s efforts to introduce a video element in its text-based microblogging platform. However, it failed to lead in online video like Twitter hoped it would.

Millions of users around the world created and watched billions of Vines. To see all of it go up in smoke after one announcement is bound to have some effect. Luckily, if you’re used to viewing your content in the 6-second form, there are a number of other services you could resort.



There’s a good chance that you’re already using this app which is one of the most popular image and video-sharing services in the market. There’s also a very good chance that the broadcaster you view most on Twitter puts on content on Snapchat as well. The transition might be easier than you think.


Facebook-owned Instagram is another major video-sharing platform that could pose as your Vine alternative. Recently, Instagram incorporated changes after which it could pass off as a Snapchat rip-off without much fuss. The recently incorporated changes caused the user base to grow even more.. You could just as easily find interesting accounts to follow for your choice of video on Instagram as well.



Viddy is free for Android and iOS users and it lets them record videos of up to 30 seconds. It comes with cool features like filters, attaching soundtracks, and multiple options to share videos with other users via direct message, email and social networks.



Another video sharing app that doesn’t put any shackles on users when it comes to the length of the videos they want to share. It is available on both iOS and Android, and comes with features like Beautify and Tilt, as well as filters and frames to compliment your captures.



This one is another video service owned by Twitter, but one that focuses more on live online streaming than short-video sharing. Periscope Producer is a particularly fierce competitor to Facebook Live, and if Vine is over, Periscope still has the potential to keep you on Twitter for a long time.

These are some of our suggestions in case you’re down because Vine will soon be gone. Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed something worth mentioning.

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