Facebook Inc (FB) Makes It Easier to Share Quoted Text

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The ‘Save to Facebook’ button allows users to share quoted text. However, it will be integrated into various other features and apps later on

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) has, for quite some time now, been working on ways to make it easier for users to share content on its platform. It is for this reason the social media giant introduced yet another feature to make this possible. This time around, Facebook has made it easier for users to share quotes from an interesting article they may have come across.

Instead of having to copy and paste, all users need to do is to highlight the text they are interested in and then post it with nothing more than a simple click.

When the text is posted on a user’s newsfeed, it will be presented as block quote along with its source, which would normally be in the form of a link.

That being said, Facebook has already announced that it would be working on employing the feature into the various apps already present on its platform. Additionally, the ‘Save to Facebook’ button will be made available for the web as well, thus giving users the ability to catch up on interesting content later on when feasible.

Even though the feature is not entirely new, it does have a lot of potential. Seeing how Facebook is determined to make its platform easier to use and a one-stop shop for all its users’ needs, it has managed to exceed expectations with the features and updates it has released so far; it does not look like the social media giant will stop anytime soon, taking into account how it has already outdone Twitter on so many levels.

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