Insider Selling: Alphabet Inc (GOOG), Twitter Inc (TWTR), Oracle Corporation (ORCL)

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The Country Caller discusses recent notable sales made by insiders at Oracle Corporation, Twitter Inc, and Alphabet Inc

Key insiders at Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR), and Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) have recently made notable sales. The Country Caller takes a closer look at the transactions these employees have made at their respective companies.

Alphabet Inc

Last week, CEO of Alphabet Inc. Larry Page sold a total of 66,664 shares through various direct transactions. The insider sold this amount for a combined total of $50,042,105. The transactions included both Class A common stock and Class C capital stock shares. After making these sales, Mr. Page now owns 89,000 Class A Google shares, and 21,205,290 Class C shares. These are worth $67,180,760, and $15,592,249,737, respectively, as per the closing prices on March 24.


Chief Technology Officer Adam Messinger offloaded 11,386 company shares, for $16.73 apiece, making the direct sale he made on March 22 worth $190,488. After dumping these shares, he is now left with 1,494,599 Twitter shares, worth as much as $23,779,070 as of Thursday, March 24. Prior to this sale, the insider also sold 19,746 Twitter shares last month, through two direct transactions, for a sum of $366,401.

Oracle Corporation

President of Product Development Thomas Kurian dumped a total of 400,000 shares through only two transactions, one each made on March 21 and March 22. He sold this stake for a total of $16,642,020, and had 33,533 shares remaining afterward, worth $1,373,847.01 as on March 24. Within the last 12 months, this is the first time the insider sold Oracle shares.

Secretary, General Counsel, and EVP Dorian Daley also sold 47,500 Oracle shares, at $41.53 apiece, making her direct sale, dated March 22, worth $1,972,737. She owned 25,000 shares following this transaction, according to her SEC filing, valued at $1,024,250 as per the last closing price.

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