Google Duo Is Alphabet Inc.’s (GOOGL) Answer To Apple Inc. (AAPL) FaceTime

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Duo is Google’s latest attempt to get a share of the live video chat market

A new video chat application that works solely on telephones, Google Duo is set to release today. All you have to do is tap on the image of the person you want to talk to, and you have an easy one to one video chat with them. It’s simple to make use of without any odd complications. Whoever uses this application will know that Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) hasn’t failed to achieve its objective of making a video chat application which is exclusively for cellphones.

Duo works on both Android phones and iPhones. When you join, the application checks your phone number and sends you a confirmation message. This is the entire setup process, there are no records to maintain. It is directly linked to your telephone number and contacts.

It is easy to access but not really suitable if you want to utilize Duo on anything other than your smartphone. It is incapable of making phone calls, or using any other special element during a call or during Hangout.

Nick Fox, vice president of Google’s Communications, said that this design is laser-focused on phones. Their goal is to make it solely work on phones: “Amazing on mobile, nothing on desktop.”

There is one component, Knock Knock, which only works on Android though. When you get a call, you get a live scene of the caller before you even take the call. It gives you a chance to see who is calling, it lets the caller make entertaining appearances to allure you to take the call. The advantage of this is that it makes the call start promptly. It starts working the moment you click answer. Knock Knock, only works with the people you have in your contact list so strangers’ calls don’t show up and you also have the option of blocking any caller you want. And lastly, if you don’t like this feature, you can always switch it off.

Google has worked hard at the back to make things feel prompt. It depends on WebRTC and some specialized groundwork to make the call work automatically depending on the quality of your connection. It also immediately picks up the call when you switch from your Wi-Fi to cellular data, the call just continues after a slight pause.

The quality of the call is equally good on both the iPhone and Android phones. However, Google doesn’t have the same power to work on iPhone the way it has on Android, that is why there are a few problems, no Knock Knock and you have to unlock your device before you take the call.

Google has made two new applications and has already made their announcement, however, the release dates have not been told. These applications, Duo and Allo (a messaging application) are not to replace Hangouts, a video and messaging application of Google. Hangouts will work, but with a more centralized purpose of serving businessmen.

Fox, has categorized these applications: Duo and Allo, for customers and Hangouts for the businessmen.

It is a bold move by Google for discharging Duo at this time when there are already a lot of different applications in the market. Fox said that it is focused on making different applications which cater to a variety of consumers. Google is set to make Duo a well one on one video chat application, the question that arises now is if it is good enough?

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