The Division: Incursion Name and Type Changed; Player Raises Memorial for Bullet King

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A lot is going on in the world of the Division

Ubisoft Entertainment SA’s (OTCMKTS:UBSFY) the Division has recently received a major update which amends many of the game’s glitches, as well as fixing a popular elite boss farming technique. There has also been a slight change brought for the game’s map, which you might not even have noticed.

If you scroll to the bottom-right of the map, you will discover that the name of the upcoming incursion, Falcon Lost, has been changed to “Last Stronghold.” Additionally, the activity is now called an Operation instead of an Incursion. This change has been done rather silently with no fanfare and announcement whatsoever. What is even more interesting that the latest patch notes do not mention the change and the developers still refer to this end-game activity as an incursion in the latest update. The reason behind this change has not been mentioned by Ubisoft and we can assume that the change was done to make the activity sound more like a group activity.

In other news, players have taken mourning to the next level after the recent update. One of the users on Reddit actually went to the real life point where players used to kill Bullet-King over and over again to farm for drops and put up a backpack against a pole with a memorial message in memory of the enemy. The note reads, “Spires of light, Purple and Gold; Twice every minute, it never got old.” What is more is that Ubisoft also mentioned Bullet-King in a Tweet before deploying the latest patch which goes to show that they were definitely aware of the farming trick that players were using.

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All of this shows how serious Ubisoft is about their game and if they manage to keep this up and maintain content quality, they might end up beating Activision Blizzard Inc.’s (NASDAQ:ATVI) Destiny as a game overall.

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