IranAir Takes Technical Acceptance of First Airbus Aircraft

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Technical acceptance of first aircraft to IranAir completed yesterday

Marking a milestone, IranAir reportedly took the ownership of its first commercial aircraft manufactured by Airbus Group SE (EPA:AIR) in the wake of upgrading its aircraft fleet since the lifting of sanctions. The current move will be marked as a milestone for the country as it looks ahead to take deliveries of commercial jets from both, Airbus and its rival, Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA).

According to the current news release, Airbus reported that the technical acceptance of the first commercial jet to IranAir has completed the transfers of ownership of aircraft to the airline. It was also reported that the physical delivery of the commercial aircraft would take place in coming weeks.

Along with Airbus’ comment, IranAir’s chief executive officer, Farhad Parvaresh, also reported that the pilots are currently in France and are waiting to take the aircraft to Iran later this week. As these are single aisle commercial aircraft, IranAir looks ahead to operate the aircraft on domestic routes.

As part of IranAir’s deal with Airbus, the airline will take deliveries of 100 commercial jets from Airbus. Furthermore, the airline will also take deliveries of another 80 commercial jets from Boeing. Collectively, the total worth of the two deals are approximated at $345 billion based on the list price. However, it was also reported that the airline was in talks for a huge discount on the deal.

Based on operating aging commercial jets, IranAir aircraft fleet became one of the oldest and least safe commercial jets to fly from. Under current circumstances, the airline looks ahead to upgrade its aging aircraft fleet as early as possible before any change in political conditions.

Along with IranAir, aircraft manufacturer including Airbus and Boeing are also reportedly eager to make deliveries of commercial jets that would add value to their delivery books for the first month of 2017. Apart from deal with the industry giants, IranAir was also reportedly in Talks with ATR to finalize a deal for smaller regional jets. However, the deal is yet to be announced officially.

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