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Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Strives To Perfect Reliability Of Upcoming Model 3

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Tesla has recently hired a former Apple engineer to improve the reliability of Model 3

As Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has set itself a goal of manufacturing up to 500,000 cars in the next two years, the company cannot afford to compromise on the quality of its self-driving cars. In its latest attempt of acquiring the best available talent, the company has employed a former Apple engineer in order to ensure that quality control is perfectly in place to match the significant increase in production. This latest recruit would be enforced with the task of utilizing his experience and expertise in quality control to perfect the company’s Model 3.

Tesla is highly rumored to have a few interesting projects in the framework and the automobile company is doing all it can to ensure that a rise in production level does not lead to a compromise on the quality of its final products. The company received numerous complaints from users regarding the quality and functionality of Model X after it released not too long ago. Fortunately, Tesla is well-aware of the shortcomings that its Model X experienced and the company is doing all it can to deliver its customers a significantly improved product.

Tesla is no longer just another startup firm, so it has shifted its focus towards a strategy that could potentially bring significant success. It brought a unique and innovative concept to the auto industry, but the company’s biggest rivals are secretly working on self-driving car projects of their own. Hence, Tesla has raised its game in order to stay ahead of its biggest rivals and offer users the most reliable self-driving car available in the market.

Over the past few years, Tesla has been forgiven for its slack in the level of quality that the company implemented. However, it was in the past and should stay there; Tesla intends to move on to greater things. The company has already received more than 400,000 registrations for its Model 3, which is why it is going all out to improve the quality of its current and upcoming self-driving models.

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