Apple Inc. Shows Off AirPods In New TV Promo

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Starring Lil Buck, the one-minute ad shows the fun involved in taking a walk with your wireless headphones plugged in

As part of its on-going ad campaign “Practically Magic”, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has now released its latest TV promo for its trendy AirPods. Dubbed as “Stroll”, the 60-second advert marks the company’s first time in marketing for its line-up of wireless headphones.

While Practically Magic launched as a promotional push for Apple’s latest iPhone 7, it is evident that the new TV promo is solely focusing on the AirPods. Considering that, Apple has become increasingly active with its TV marketing, its no surprise that the company shortlisted 28-year-old rapper, Lil Buck, for the latest commercial. Such gimmicks have evidently worked in favor of the company, helping it to intrigue a large market of customers around the world.

Now, Apple’s advert focuses on Lil Buck walking through Mexico’s streets and enjoying his AirPods. With Marian Hill’s “Down” playing in the background, the one-minute promo hopes that it can encourage a whole new trend with the start of the new year; one that promotes the usage of wireless headphones. Through this, Lil Buck, is hoping to depict the “freedom” that follows when your headphones aren’t tangled, coinciding with the ad’s theme. Subsequently, the commercial ends with Lil Buck unplugging the headphones, halting the music, and then plugging them back in.

We believe that Apple’s efforts to roll out with TV commercials for its numerous hardware and service platforms have been fairly evident in the past two years. The company has taken numerous measures to debut ads for its music streaming platform, iPhone, Apple TV lineup, and more. Now, there are high chances that the latest ad will trigger even more demand for the tech giant’s wireless headphones.

However, since there does seem to be a shortage of AirPods’ supply, it is essential for Apple to stock up on its accessories to cater to customers on the spot. With the start of the new year, it is evident that Apple’s AirPods might encourage tech rivals to experiment with their own version of the variant. In order to avoid staying behind in this race, the company may continue rolling out with more innovative ads in the subsequent future as well.

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