Next Big Sony PlayStation 4 Firmware Update “Musashi” Detailed

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After a long time, the console is ready for its next major update

Sony Corp. (NYSE:SNE) has confirmed the first details of its next major firmware update for PlayStation 4. In line of Sony’s tendency to always refer its major updates with fancy names, the new system software update 3.50 is officially codenamed as Musashi.  

The update will introduce some fan-favorite and highly requested features to the system. Fans have been asking for the ability to change their online status to offline for a very long time. To those who enjoy solitude, they’ll be glad to know that the update will enable you to do so and at will.

You will now be notified when anyone in your friend’s list comes online. Additionally, you can choose specific people that you want to be notified about. Sony is clearly listening to feedback from its users, as these two were one of the most demanded features.

It is surprising that such trivial features were not included since the console’s launch. Even more surprising is the fact that it took so long for these to arrive. But nonetheless, good news for gamers knowing their feedback isn’t falling on deaf ears.

You now schedule events, allowing you to pre-register for a gameplay session with your friends. It will save you the trouble of creating a party and inviting your friends. Sony is also expanding its broadcast options for PlayStation 4. Users can now stream directly to DailyMotion, alongside YouTube and Twitch.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the update is that you can look forward to streaming games on your Windows PC and Mac. The Remote Play for PC will be available soon, but for now is not going to be present in the beta.

The system software update will go in beta phase starting March 2. Users who are registered to participate in the program will receive instructions via email on how to download the firmware update. Sony has not announced the public release date for the update.


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